Space Debris

Discuss and gather perspectives on the recommendation on space debris within the “For All Humanity – the Future of Outer Space Governance” Our Common Agenda Policy Brief:

“Develop norms and principles for space debris removal that take into account the legal and scientific aspects.”

Models and Techniques for Space Debris

Discuss the importance of assessing and understanding the physical properties of space debris to better understand its behavior and risks.


▪ Discuss different models and techniques used for space debris characterization.
▪ Explore ways and methods for improving space debris evolution modelling.

Active Debris Removal

Explore current and future trends on actively removing space debris from Earth’s orbit to mitigate the risks associated with the increasing population of space debris.


▪ Explore types of capture and removal techniques and removal prioritization.
▪ Propose methods for mission concepts to achieve debris removal.

In-Orbit Servicing

Discuss the challenges of In-Orbit Servicing and explore the benefits arising from this technology.


▪ Discuss the technical challenges and benefits of the in-orbit servicing missions such as life extension, recycling, in-orbit assembly and manufacturing and others.
▪ Identify technical issues to be consider when developing frameworks for the new circular space economy arising from in-orbit servicing.

Orbital Debris Mitigation

Discuss methods to assess the life cycle of a space object to minimize the creation of debris and effective processes for end-of-life disposal.


▪ Address effective ways of debris mitigation in all stages of a spacecraft life cycle.
▪ Examine the existing Life Cycle Assessment methodologies and propose the establishment of an accurate methodology.
▪ Methods for end-of-life management, deorbiting and re-entry.