Space Resources Activities

Discuss and gather perspectives on the recommendation on space resources within the “For All Humanity – the Future of Outer Space Governance” Our Common Agenda Policy Brief:

“Develop an effective framework for sustainable exploration, exploitation and utilization of the Moon and other celestial bodies. This framework could include binding and non-binding aspects and should build up upon the five UN treaties on outer space and other instruments for international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.”

Space Mining

Discuss the challenges and benefits of space mining and how these activities can support future space exploration, sustain long-duration missions, and potentially contribute to resource availability on Earth.


▪ Discuss resource potential, in-space processing, mining in low-gravity or microgravity environments handling the unique properties of extraterrestrial resources, developing mining equipment capable of withstanding harsh conditions, safe extraction, and potential environmental considerations.

Extracting and In Situ/In Space Use

Discuss extracting and in situ/in-space use of resources and the process of mining and utilizing resources directly from celestial bodies.


▪ Discuss the concept of a circular space economy and how resource activities can enhance sustainability, efficiency, and long-term viability.
▪ Discuss resource extraction and utilization, recycling and reusability, close-loop systems, energy efficiency, life cycle assessment.

Transportation to Earth

Discuss the planning and technologies that may be necessary to transport resources extracted in space to Earth.


▪ Address resource identification and evaluation, containment and packaging, sustainable transportation systems, re-entry and recovery and planetary protection and contamination control techniques.